Welcome to the first Kuwaha blog

Kuwaha is a fashion forward line and lifestyle brand. It merges traditional African fashion and fabrics with contemporary styles. Kuwaha is about affirming your inherent beauty and style no matter your shape or size. The aim is to honor God in beauty and fashion, that reflects from the inside out to become all He created us to be.

Sheer Panel African Print Kaftan by Kuwaha

The name Kuwaha comes from my mother’s language of Lunda in Zambia, also called Chilunda. Kuwaha [koo-wah-ha] means to be pleasing, beautiful, good, delightful, lovely, and/or attractive in English. 

Kuwaha defined as pleasing, beautiful, good, delightful, lovely, attractive. Psalm 45:11

I grew up in Zambia and started creating/making clothing from a young age as both my parents used to make clothes. 

I am passionate about design, whether inspired in nature, science, or the arts. Fashion is a particular love of mine, and most especially unique pieces that relate to my African heritage.  

African Print Tutu Dress

My selection of fashion goods includes stunning pieces for every occasion, size or budget. I strive to ensure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded in my bid to create breathtaking, creative items.  

Sateen gown with ruffled African print detail by Kuwaha

On this blog, I will share store updates, promotions, FAQs, testimonials, events, and other topics pertaining to style enthusiasts.


Let me know what you think! 

- Dorcas @myKuwaha 

-Ps 45:11 

PS: In Zambia, “Shani!” is a greeting similar to “Hello” or “Hey, how are you?”  You answer "Bwino"